Hi there and welcome to our page!

We are a group of friends with a common goal, to co-create a photography blog that will inspire you to look beyond the appearances and connect an image with a feeling or vibration, creating a frequency that will open your perspective on how you experience life.

We are not professional photographers, nor we intend to be, we take a photograph when we feel our intuition is calling, we get this urgency or nudge and click! It’s that simple, we are in the now channeling our intuition, hens, our page channeled lens.

We ask you to participate in life setting aside your judgement of appearance and take a moment to think about the uniquely beautiful energy that everything and anything is.

Some of our photographs will have a special significance for you, with an open heart and mind, you will find that you were meant to see them at that moment and time.

We are sure that you will also be inspired to take a leap of faith and follow your intuition where ever it takes you, experiencing life the way it is meant to be: through the heart.

Thank you, we are grateful for your support!